Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm still at it!

Life has gotten crazy and I haven't had the time to post.  I'm happy to report that a family trip only resulted in a 0.2 lb weight gain! I wanted to break even but I'll take that! My current weight is down 21.8 lbs and I should be on track to lose this week! My first goal is to lose 30 lbs, after that I'm going to set my goal at 40lbs, just to keep it challenging.

I have noticed now that my calories are just under 1900 it's a lot harder to stay on track.  I really have to think twice about what I eat.  I've dropped the weight watchers and am strictly counting calories now which is pretty mindless for me with the app I use.  I am a little disappointed that I'm not see physical changes yet but I did buy a pair of jeans a size smaller which was comforting.  When I thought about it I realized that even though I gained 50lbs after my daughter was born I never changed pant sizes so I guess my dress size in my higher weight range is 50 lbs.  I have noticed some things fit a little better and I can comfortably button a pair of EMS pants that were always way too tight.  I can button them standing up normally instead of laying down and sucking it in.  Non scale victories are great and I'll take them!

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  1. Have you tried paleo or wheat belly diets (their about the same)? I was having success with it until my divorce. I'm coming back around, slowly...